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Learn Chords Fast with This Productivity Hack

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One of the best ways to learn chords is one at a time - and in the context of songs.

Lots and lots of songs.

And this is where the Chord by Chord Method shines.

This learning approach is both simple and free. And It also makes a lot of intuitive sense.

The Chord by Chord Method: Summarized

The Chord by Chord Method is a simple 2-step process.

Step 1: Find Songs That Use the Same Chords

With this site's free Search Engine, you can quickly find tons of songs that all use the same chords. For example, a search of G, C, and D gives you more than 400 tunes that use those exact chords. Pick 10 or more songs. And practice until you feel comfortable with those tunes (and their chords).

Step 2: Add 1 New Chord to Your Practice

When you’re ready, choose a new chord to practice. It should be whichever one unlocks the most songs. The Next Best Chord feature makes this very easy to find. This free tool tells you what new chord lets you play the most songs possible.

For example – if you know G, C, and D, the best chord to learn next is Em. When you do another song search, you'll discover over 1,200 tunes that use G, C, D, and Em. No other chord unlocks this much potential.

Pick 10 or more songs to practice. And cycle through them until you feel 100% comfortable with your new target chord – Em.

Rinse and repeat.

The 80-second video below shows the Chord by Chord Method in action.

Very Short Demo

Pretty cool, right?

And very simple.


Is This Really the Best Way to Learn Chords?

The Chord by Chord Method isn’t for everyone. And it may not be the best system for you.

But it does have 2 powerful advantages over other approaches:

  • Less Risk – You’re only working on 1 new chord at a time. This is much easier than tackling 2 or more at once. So you’re less likely to quit.
  • Greater Reward – You’re not practicing 1 song. You’re practicing batches of tunes that all use the same chords. So you build a larger repertoire (with less effort).

But there’s one final thing I need to mention.

And it’s pretty cool.

When You Reach 23 Chords....

If you follow this step-by-step method, something interesting happens when you reach chord #23.

You'll be able to play more than 50% of the songs in the Chord Genome Project’s database.

It’s true.

With the right 23 chords, you can play the majority of songs in a massive collection of ~350,000 tunes – indexed from around the Web. To learn more, check out the 23-Chord Challenge.

In the meantime, sign up for a Free Account today – and start making music.

Good luck.

And happy strumming.