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Mandolin Dashboard

Your online guide to beginner chords, easy songs, and practice tips.

Mandolin Dashboard

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Table of Contents

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The Basics

Mandolin Basics

Before diving in, it's important you know how to:

Once you've got the basics down, you're ready to start learning some chords.

Beginner Chords

A great way to learn chords is in the context of actual songs. So start with...

Visit the Chord Dashboard if you'd rather start with different chords. When you can play 3 or more chords, start finding your own easy songs.

Easy Songs

This site features tons of easy songs. In addition to nursery rhymes, there are also:

There are also lots of beginner tunes written for Ukulele and Guitar.

Push Yourself

Want to improve fast?
The tools below are designed to push you (but not
too hard). 

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See a list of songs that are just beyond reach.

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Use this to crack really tough chords.

Extra Resources

Here are some additional resources to guide you along the music path. Be sure to bookmark these for later.