Search Songs by Chords (Demo)

The Chord Genome Project lets you search for guitar and ukulele songs – based on the chords they use.

Just type in the chords you know.

And discover hundreds (if not thousands) of tunes you can start playing – right now.

The video above shows how the Chord Genome Project’s search feature works.

But you can also try out the Demo version below.

There’s no signup required.

For every search, you’ll see about 1% of all matching results.

If you’d like to see more songs, create a free Test Account today. Once signed up, you’ll also be able to save your searches and use genre/decade filters to narrow down matches.

Try It Out: Find Songs by Chords

Type in the chord(s) you know using the search bar down below. Natural language is allowed (i.e. A, AM, Amaj, Amajor).