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The Chord Genome Project is an index of songs from around the Web. All 400,000 of these tunes are searchable by their chords - a central feature of the Chord by Chord Method.

For example,

Do a search of G, C, and D. And you'll find tones of 3-chord songs you can start playing right away.

Try it out yourself. If you run into problems, check out this tutorial or email me directly.

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The Chord Genome Project has 3 membership levels - the first 2 of which are 100% free. This allows you to ease into the platform and try it out.

If you enjoy your experience, upgrading to a Gold Membership. You'll see 10 x Times as many songs for every search. As a Gold Member, you also gain access to some pretty cool features.

Use the chart below to compare the different membership levels. All the features are clickable.

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