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Choosing Your Instrument

On the Search and Library pages, there is an option to “Choose Instrument.”

When you expand it, there are 2 sets of filter:

  • One for “Chords” Diagrams
  • One for “Music” Notation

Let's explore how these 2 filters work.

Chord Diagrams

Filter 1: Show Chord Diagrams for Your Instrument

On the Search and Library pages, you can mouse over chords to see diagrams for your chosen instrument.

The default setting is for guitar. But you can also see chord diagrams for:

These diagrams are available for the 23 most important beginner chords (all marked in orange). Black chords do not have diagrams.

See below.

diagram chords

Filter 2: Show Music "Written" for Your Instrument

The songs displayed on the Results page are all pulled from guitar and ukulele websites. And you can choose to only see music written for one instrument or the other.

However, it’s best to use the default setting (i.e. “Both” instruments).

That’s because there’s no difference between music written for rhythm guitar and the ukulele.

If you look at both versions of "Twist & Shout" below, you'll see what I mean.

Twist & Shout - Version 1

Twist & Shout - Version 2

What Songs Can I Play
with the Chords I Know?

To find out, use the Search tool below.

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