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About the Chord Genome Project

How to Chord Genome

Chord Genome Project
Features & Filters

Search Songs by Chord
The Chord Genome Project lets you search for songs based on the chords they use. If you're having trouble adding chords, be sure to watch this video.

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Genre & Decade Filters
You can filter songs by genre and decade. This is useful if you only like 1950’s Rock…or 1980’s Pop. You'll definitely need to use these filters as you add more chords.

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Wildcard Chord Searches
Adding a wildcard lets you find thousands of songs that are one chord away from being playable. This is useful if you want to learn new chords and play harder music.

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Search by Chord "Progression"
Use the All Keys filter to search for songs using common chord groupings - from the I-IV-V to the Andalusian Cadence.

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The Next Best Chord
As the name implies, this tool can you tell you exactly what chord to learn next - based on your instrument, genre, and current chord knowledge.

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Force Last Chord Filter
This filter allows you to force any chord of your choice to always appear in the results. This is useful when trying to learn tough chords - like F on guitar or E on ukulele.

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What Songs Can I Play
with the Chords I Know?

To find out, use the Search tool below.

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