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About the Chord Genome Project

How to Chord Genome

Chord Genome Project Features

Search Songs by Chord
The Chord Genome Project lets you search for songs based on the chords they use. This section explains how to correctly add and remove chords on the Search page.

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Genre & Decade Filters (Beta)
You can limit song results by genre and decade. This is very useful if you only want to play 1950’s Rock…or 1980’s Pop. This section explains how to use these filters – and why they’re beta.

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Force Last Chord Filter (Gold)
This Gold feature allows you to force the chord of your choice to always appear in the results. If you do a search of A, B, C – using this filter ensures every song includes C major.

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Wildcard Filter (Gold)
With the Wildcard filter, you’ll find tens of thousands of songs that are – by definition – one chord away from being playable. Every search uses the chords you know, plus one more.

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Search by Chord Progression (Gold)
Use the All Keys filter to search for songs using common chord progressions - from the I-IV-V to the Andalusian Cadence. If you know G,C,D - for example - you can play 20,000+ songs.

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The Next Best Chord (Library)
Located in your Library, the Next Best Chord is a powerful feature that can help make your practice laser-focused. Discover what new chord unlocks the most new music. And start practicing.

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And again, if you run into any problems or spot any bugs, please let me know.

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