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Adding and Removing Chords to Search

Song Search Filters

1. Genre & Decade Filters (Beta)

2. Force Last Chord Filter (Gold Only)

3. Wildcard Filter (Gold Only)

4. All Keys Filter (Gold Only)

The All Keys filter is a premium feature that lets you search for songs using your chords (in all 12 keys).

For example, let's say you know how to play G, C, and D. If you do a simple chord search, you'll find 5,000 total songs.

But any tune that uses G#, C#, and D# is also playable with our original 3 chords. The same goes for songs that use Gb, Cb, and Db.

In fact, there are tons of songs that are playable with G, C, D - they're just in different keys. And to find them all, you would need to do 12 separate searches of the chord combinations below.

I IV V Chord Progression Search 1 1

The All Key filter removes the need to do 12 separate searches.

When this option is enabled, it automatically pulls every song that uses any combination of the chords above.

You'll discover about 22,000 songs that are playable with G, C, D. And the platform can quickly them all in just a few seconds.

As a result, you can easily use the All Keys filter to search for songs by common chord progressions. To learn more, click here.

Trouble Adding Chords?

Watch this 60-second "How To" video.

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