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Every few months, I’d start again with enthusiasm – determined to master the guitar.

And each time, I would give up. Defeated. Depressed. Ashamed.

This pattern repeated year after year. And approaching my late 30s, I was still a total newbie.

That’s when I decided to create the Chord Genome Project – a platform that could help me (and others like me) break through this cycle of frustration.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy since I:

  • Couldn’t code.
  • Didn’t know much music theory.
  • Wasn’t a guitar player.

But with the right approach, it could work.

Instead of tackling songs out of my league, I could design a platform that showed me thousands of tunes in my comfort zone. I’d be able to find playable songs that I actually liked.

This may seem like a solution looking for a problem.

After all, every skilled guitarist began as a novice at some point. They picked tough songs and practiced until they mastered the material. It takes stamina, but the willpower method clearly works.

In fact, it’s worked for thousands of years.

So why fix something that isn’t broken?

And besides, wouldn’t I be better off practicing instead of spending months developing a tool like Chord Genome.


But I get frustrated if results don’t come right away.

And I’m not alone.

For every successful guitar player you meet, there are thousands more who tried and failed. They started with high hopes. They had the best of intentions.

But now their guitars are sitting under the bed – lost and forgotten.

I don’t know if Chord Genome will help everyone. But it’s certainly made guitar learning easier for me.

And it’s also made playing the guitar way more enjoyable.

In just a few weeks, I went from not being able to play a single tune to having a massive list of songs I can perform from start to finish.

Am I a rock star?


But I can do something I could never do before.

I can create MUSIC.

Will I ever fill stadiums with adoring fans? Probably not.


I can play for myself. I can perform for friends and family. And one day, I might even do amateur gigs.

It’s a wonderful feeling – one I’ve spent more than 20 years chasing.

Will you enjoy the same success?

I honestly believe you will. And with a tool like Chord Genome, it certainly won’t take you 20 years.

So best of luck.

And if you haven’t already, create a free account today.

Happy strumming.