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Guitar Resources

Below you’ll find a list of useful resources for the guitar. If you manage a relevant website and want it added to this list, just send me a quick email.

Guitar Lessons & Tutorial

23 Most Important Guitar Chords

1,500 Easy Guitar and Ukulele Songs

Country Guitar Chops

7 Essential Strumming Patterns (Easy to Advanced)

Guitar Lessons In Canterbury

How To Strum A Guitar [A Beginner’s Guide]

Guitars Apps & Software

Best Apps for Learning Guitar

Guitars and Other Gear

Hobgoblin Guitars Shop

Melbourne Music Centre

5 Best Guitars for Fingerstyle

Best Electric Guitars for the Money

Guitar Music, Chords, Scales, & Tabs

Guitar Riffs

Guitar Sheet Music

Guitar Scales

Guitar Players and Performers

Bob Evans Music

Guitar Health & Injuries

Health for Musicians: RSI and Playing-Related Injuries

What Songs Can I Play
with the Chords I Know?

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