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2,000 Easy Ukulele Songs You Can Play with the Same 3 Beginner Chords

Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners

There are thousands of easy ukulele songs that only use 3 chords. And today, you’ll learn how to quickly find all this music.

For this demo, we’ll use the 3 ukulele chords below.

Easy Ukulele Chords - G, C, D

It’s OK if you’re working on different chords like:

  • C, F, G
  • A, D, E
  • D, G, A

You’ll still end up with thousands of easy 3-chord songs. 

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Getting to 10 Beginner Ukulele Songs

You can instantly create a list of 3-chord ukulele tunes with this free Search Engine. Plug in any chords you want, and it’ll find easy songs that only use those chords.

Or click the orange button below to run a demo search. You should see about 10 ukulele songs.

Click to Run Instant Search

Generate a list of 3-chord ukulele songs with G,C,D.

(Opens in new tab.)

I don't know any of these songs, and you probably won't either. But that’s ok. In the next step, we’ll turn our 3 beginner chords into 100+ tunes.

If you get stuck, watch me do a search of ukulele songs in the next video.

Demo Search: 3-Chord Ukulele Tunes

Step 2: Finding 100 Beginner Ukulele Songs

When logged out, a search of G,C,D gives you 10 songs. But when logged in (with a Free Account), you’ll see 100 simple ukulele tunes.

Even better….

You'll see songs you know and like if you use Genre & Decade filters (as I do in the next video). 

3-Chord Ukulele Songs: Filtered by Genre & Decade

Try it yourself and create a Free Account. When you do a new search, you'll see over 100 beginner ukulele songs that all use the same chords.

Let’s multiply that number by 6. 

Step 3: Play Over 600 Songs with Just 3 Ukulele Chords

When reading “chords,” there’s no difference between guitar and ukulele music. If you see "G" in a song - just strum that chord on your instrument.

This means you should include both guitar and ukulele in your chord searches. You'll find a lot more music. Try it out and do your own search. Just make sure the Instrument filter is set to "Both."

You can also click the orange button to run a sample search.

Click for 3-Chord Ukulele & Guitar Songs

(Opens in new tab.)

As the next video shows, searching for guitar + ukulele gives you 600 beginner songs that:

  • All use the chords - G, C,  D.
  • Are playable on the ukulele.

Guitar & Ukulele Songs with G, C, D

Lets turn these 600 songs into thousands.

Step 4: Play More Than 2,000 Beginner Ukulele Songs

“La Bamba” by Ritchie Valens officially uses C, F, and G. But you can play it with our starter chords - G, C, and D. The next video explains why this works. I’ve also written a longer article on “chord progressions” if you want to learn more.

Play Ukulele Songs with G, C, D (in All 12 Keys)

Takeaway: Any 3-chord song with C, F, G is playable with G, C, D (and vice versa). So do 2 separate chord searches to find even more music. Do the same thing in every key, and you end up with the 12 orange buttons below:

  • Click any button to find songs that are playable with G, C, D.
  • Click every button, and you’ll get 2,700 easy ukulele songs.

Click any Button to Run an Instant Search

3-Chord Ukulele Songs Playable with G, C, D

(Opens in new tab.)

2,700 songs is a lot of music. But that are some duplicate songs across instruments and keys. So the true number is closer to 2,000 songs. But still. You can do a lot of damage with just 3 simple ukulele chords. And that’s pretty cool.

Know what's even cooler?

Learn the right chord next, and you can play more than 7,000 tunes. This final video explains how to find as many 4-chord ukulele songs as possible.

This Chord Unlocks the Most 4-Chord Ukulele Songs

You don’t need a lot of chords to play awesome music. So if you haven't already, create a Free Account today. And start searching for easy ukulele songs using your own chords..

Mahalo. And happy strumming.



  1. Dave R. on June 7, 2018 at 9:42 pm

    This is great ! I’ve been playing ukulele, guitar, drums, and a variety of other instruments, for many years now. I really like the approach you have recommended here, and I’m going to recommend it to a friend of mine, who’s just starting out on ukulele, and is struggling. Thank you !

    • Austin on June 8, 2018 at 8:48 am

      awesome dave. i hope your friend gets some mileage out of this approach. thanks for the referral.

  2. Carlingford Music Centre on June 23, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    Thanks for post this great. I’m a long time reader but ive
    never commented till now. I’ve shared this on facebook for my followers.

    Thanks again for the awesome post.

    • Austin on June 24, 2018 at 9:05 am

      thanks Carlingford Music Center.