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28 Ukulele Chords Every Beginner Should Know

Already know some ukulele chords? If so, plug them into this Search Engine to find easy songs that use your chords. But if you're an absolute beginner on the ukulele, start with the "clickable" sequence below:

  • Click diagram #1 to see 1-chord songs with G.
  • Click diagram #2 for easy ukulele songs with G + D.
  • Click diagram #3 for 3-chord beginner songs with G + D + C.

Rinse and repeat.

All Diagrams Below Are "Clickable"

Click any ukulele diagram to see a list of songs.

Why These 28 Ukulele Chords?

The Chord Genome Project is a collection of 300,000+ songs from some of the biggest ukulele sites online. And you can now search these songs by the chords they use.

To play every ukulele tune in the database, you need to learn thousands of chords.


You only need the 28 ukulele chords above to play half this music (i.e. 150,000+ songs). And learning them in the order shown maximizes the number of songs you get whenever you add a new chord.

However, there are other chord paths you can take as well. And some of them are much easier.

An Easier Approach to Learning Beginner Chords

If you're struggling with the ukulele chords above, the next batch might be a little easier. The 4 chords below are ranked by difficulty - starting with those that use 1, 2, and then 3 fingers.

You won’t find as much music with this path. But it's a good sequence to learn as a beginner.

To see what I mean, click the:

  • First diagram below for 1-chord songs with C.
  • Second chord diagram for 2-chord tunes with C and Am.
  • Third beginner diagram for 3-chord ukulele songs with C, Am, F.

Click Any Ukulele Chord to See Songs

Once you can play 4-chord songs with C, Am, F, G - go back to the earlier chord sequence (starting here).


Keep reading to see other chord learning paths you could take.

Other Ukulele Chord Learning Paths

We've covered 2 of the different chord paths you can take. But there are others. You don’t have to start with 1-chord songs that use G or C. You might prefer learning A or E or D first. Or maybe you already know 2 or more chords.

No problem.

For a complete list of different starting places (including songs with minor and 7 chords), check out the dictionaries of:

Looking for Other Ukulele Chord Diagrams?

If you’re looking for a specific ukulele chord by name, click any of the links below to see a glossary of beginner chord diagrams for:

For even more ukulele diagrams (including for augmented, diminished, and suspended chords) check out UkuChords.

Find Songs Using Your Own Ukulele Chords

You’re not limited to any of the chords above. You can search for different songs using your own ukulele chords.

To try a demo search, click here.

Thanks for Reading

If you found this resource helpful, please share it with other future musicians.

Thanks for reading. And happy strumming.


Already know a few chords?

Do a search to find songs that use your chords.