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The Ultimate Collection of Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners

Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners

If you’re looking for easy ukulele songs to play, there’s now a free Search Engine that can help. This tool lets you search for tunes – based on the chords they use. Plug in any ukulele chords you want. And within seconds… You’ll have a clickable list of songs that use those chords (and ONLY[…]

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The 23-Chord Challenge (a Guitar Bet You Can’t Lose)

23 Chord Challenge 1 1

There are millions of popular songs in the world. And to play them all, you need thousands of guitar chords under your belt. But. If you wanna play the majority of these tunes, the number of chords required is low. Absurdly low. With just 23 chords, you can play more than 50% of the songs […]

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In What Order Should You Learn Guitar Chords?

Guitar Chords in Order 1

The Chord Genome database has over 350,000 guitar songs. That’s a massive list. And yet, you only need about 2,000 chords to play all these tunes. Not too shabby. But as a beginner, which of those 2,000 chords should you learn first? You could always pick a song you really like and start practicing. That’s […]

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Why So Many Beginners Quit the Guitar

guitar boredom and frustration 2 1

Every year, millions of people around the planet pick up a guitar for the first time. But only a tiny fraction of these beginners actually become guitar players. The vast majority of folks quit within a few months. That’s definitely what happened to me. In fact, I’ve given up countless times. And I would have […]

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